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Cyprus Culture in Kyrenia

Cypriots believe that the family is the centre of the social structure.  There are also extremely respectful to the hierarchy and older people are viewed as being wise and respected.  There are a number of cultures and traditions in Cyprus.  When meeting people it is polite to shake hands, smile, and maintain direct eye contact.  You should always wait to be invited before using someone’s first name and it is customary to say goodbye to each person individually when leaving a gathering. 

If you are invited to the home of a Cypriot it is customary to bring a small gift such as pastries, you should never bring white lilies as they are used for funerals.  Table manners are also extremely important and you should wait to be asked to sit down before you do so. 
Cyprus has been influenced by many different cultures throughout its history and this can be seen in its art works, museums, and buildings.  Although the island is separated there is still a vast amount of culture to be seen.  Music and poetry play and important part in the Cypriot culture and on both sides of the island you are likely to hear the same type of music and witness the same folkdances.

Cyprus is filled with museums and the most magnificent is the Cyprus Museum which is home to a range of antiquities from the Neolithic and Roman eras.  Early Cypriot culture can also be viewed at the Leventis Museum in Nicosia, but for a collection of icons the Byzantine Museum and Art Galleries are the place to visit.  The National Struggle Museum is where you will find evidence of the independence movement and this includes documents and photos. 

Cypriot cuisine has also been influenced by the various different cultures and all have left their mark.  Cypriots are very proud of their culture and traditions and their hospitality is second to none.  Whether its art, museums, folk dances, or handicrafts, you will find Cypriot cultures everywhere.




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