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Kyrenia –Neighboring Villages

Holidaying in Kyrenia will never be boring, especially considering that there are a number of neighboring villages that you can visit. 

Esentepe is one of these villages and is also any area that many holiday makers are choosing to buy property in.  Nestling in the foot of the five fingers mountain range, Esentepe is steeped in history and panoramic views.  Esentepe has its own beach, schools, doctor’s surgery, police station, and a number of shops.  You can enjoy a relaxing a peaceful day exploring Esentepe and its surrounds and enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants before exploring the forest and hills.  There is also some historical buildings to be viewed and these include the famous medieval domed Antiphonitis Church which dates back to the 12th century.

Ozankoy is situated 3 miles east of Kyrenia and known as one of the most spectacular villages in Northern Cyprus.  This peaceful village has preserved the natural environment and the friendly and welcoming locals make it a great place to visit.  Known for its olive, carob, and lemon trees, Ozankoy plays host to some of the best flora and fauna species in Northern Cypurs.  Located on the edge of the Kyrenia mountains it makes the perfect starting point for walking excursions.  Spectacular views are also associated with Ozankoy and from here you have one of the best views of Bellapais Abbey especially at night when the abbey is all lit up.  Other sights include a medieval church and a mosque.  There are also cafes, bars, and restaurants, and a day spent here is a day you will truly enjoy. 

You will find Karmi Village approximately 4 miles west of Kyrenia.  It is a beautiful picturesque village that is home to many British and German families.  Overlooked by St. Hilarion Castle and nestled deep in the mountainside, this charming village is a must see for all holiday makers.  The relaxed and friendly atmosphere is definitely a plus and there is a village pub, a few bistros, and a craft shop.   Karmi is well kept and offers a peaceful and tranquil day out.

Lapta only 10km from Kyrenia is a well known tourist spot with excellent hotels, a beach, and a fine selection of restaurants.  This coastal village offers visitors some amazing scenery with stunning mountain and coastal views.  There are two main areas in Lapta, the Lapta strip home to bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs, casinos, water sports, beach access, and a lively holiday atmosphere and the old town where many people go to retreat.  Famous for its fruit and vegetables, Lapta also has some of the best fresh water mountain springs and is well worth visiting during your stay in Northern Cyprus.

5 miles east of Kyrenia you will find another very popular village called Catalkoy.  It is well maintained and is home to the Catalkoy riding club where you can take tours threw the mountains on horseback.  There are also a number of shops, restaurants, a casino, a sandy beach, and spectacular views of the five Fingers Mountains.



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