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How do I get to Kyrenia from Ercan Airport?

If this is your first trip to North Cyprus you may be a little worried about how to get to Kyrenia from the airport.

Traveling from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia is very simple and to help you out we have detailed directions listed below.

On leaving the exit to the airport, you will find a small roundabout. Go straight through and continue on until you come across a petrol station on your right hand side.

After the petrol station there is a large roundabout. When you get to this you will take the left exit off to Kyrenia. You will need to be very careful here not to take the right exit as this will bring you to Famagusta which is on the east of the island.

After you have taken the left exit you will continue straight until you come to the Opel Motors show room on your left. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get from the roundabout to the Opel show rooms and this includes three sets of traffic lights. Some things you will pass will be a Hyundai showroom on your right, a Fiat showroom on your left, and a football stadium on the right.

Once you have passed the Opel showroom you will come across one more roundabout with a VW Showroom to the west. You will need to take the right exist towards the mountains heading north.

Continue going north and you will reach Kyrenia.



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