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Many people dread the prospect of needing medical attention when on holidays but you will be pleased to know that the standard of healthcare available in Kyrenia is quite good although serious operations cannot be carried out here and patients must be transferred to the main hospital in Nicosia called Dr. Burhan Nalbandoglu. Kyrenia has one government hospital, and a number of private clinics.  The Hospital in Kyrenia is called AK Cicek Hospital and first aid and small operations such as appendectomies are carried out here. 

Tourists visiting North Cyprus can avail of medical treatment for almost every complaint including fractured bones, car crash injuries, and even dental treatment so no matter what crops up whilst you are on holidays, treatment will not be an issue.  In North Cyprus high quality equipment is always used and qualified staff are always available to care for your need.

It is in the main hospitals that you will find most of the doctors, dentists, and opticians.  Health care practitioners such as aromatherapists, reflexologists, and reiki practitioners can be found in some of the private clinics.

If you happen to have an emergency whilst on holidays, the number to dial for an ambulance is 112.  If you can make your way to the nearest hospital or clinic this is also a good idea and you will receive immediate treatment regardless of whether you can pay for it or not.  It is also worth noting that the cost of healthcare in North Cyprus is very reasonable.



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