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Wedding in Kyrenia !!

Yes of course you can get married in Kyrenia. Getting married outside your county of residence has become extremely popular over the years. This is mainly due to the fact that the cost of getting married in your home country, take England for example has become very costly.

In order to get married in Kyrenia you will need to bring the following items:

• Original Birth certificates for you and your partner
• Original Decree Absolute (if you or your partner has been married before)
• Passports

By getting married in Kyrenia your marriage will be recognized by all EU countries. You will also need to be in Kyrenia at least six days before your marriage takes place.Getting married in Kyrenia makes for a perfect day, this beautiful island has everything you need including excellent weather.

Kyrenia is also very easy to reach from the UK and everything you need is easily catered for. Wedding flowers, wedding cars, wedding cakes, and even your reception are easily arranged. Wedding ceremonies can be arranged in St. Andrews Church or if you prefer in the hotel of your choice.

The best thing about choosing to get married in Kyrenia is that you get your honeymoon included in the price. Northern Cyprus is an extremely romantic place to get married and all your marriage documents will be in English which means that you won’t need to have them translated when you go home.



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