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Scuba Diving in Kyrenia!

Kyrenia is the perfect location to gain access to some spectacular dive sites. There are a number of professional scuba diving companies in Northern Cyprus and a large number of magnificent dive sites to explore.

In Kyrenia you will find PADI approved dive schools and these experts will take you exploring the many dive sites.

Scuba diving in Cyprus is excellent with clear visibility for up to 30 meters. The water is also warm and you get the chance to see turtles, octopus, grouper, coral and plant life, and a wide variety of fish. Keen divers will be pleased to know that you can also go diving to see the remains of amphora and other relics that date back several thousand years.

These artifacts lie undisturbed and are a treat not to be missed. You can also see some of the artifacts from the oldest shipwreck in the world just off Kyrenia. Although the ship itself is now housed in the museum, there are still some remaining artifacts to be seen on the seabed.

The diving season in North Cyprus is one of the longest in the world. It runs from April to the middle of December. Some of the best dive sites in North Cyprus include caves, reef formations, ship wrecks, and wildlife.

If you intend going diving on your trip to Kyrenia, don’t forget to bring your camera.



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