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Walking in Kyrenia !

For those who love the outdoors and hill walking in particular, Kyrenia offers a wonderful treat.  The Kyrenia trail is a 220 kilometer walk that goes from Korucam Burnu in the West to Zafer Burnu in the East.  The trail itself travels along the ridge of the Kyrenia Five fingers mountains and gives you the opportunity to view the spectacular scenery and partake in some hiking.  As the trail is so long, sections of the trail have been divided into different walks and these are available as guided tours.  Along the trail you will have the opportunity to visit many different places including castles, villages, churches, mosques, and there will also be the opportunity to view some of the breath taking nature scenes.

If you prefer to explore Kyrenia and the surrounding area, a perfect place to start is Bellapais Abbey.  This abbey is set in the mountains and is only 5 minutes drive from Kyrenia.  As you walk up mountain tracks and along beaches and roads you will experience some wonderful sights including ancient castles and wild flowers which are a specialty in Cyprus.

One of the most popular walks is the walk to Buffavento Castle.  This can be a tough walk but one that is well worth it.  On your way you will see the wonderful flora and fauna, cave entrances high in the mountains, and of course the castle is waiting at the top.  From here you can see the entire island of Cyprus.

Walking is best carried out in the spring when the island of Cyprus becomes alive with color.  What many people don’t realize is that Cyprus is home to some of the rarest orchid and wild flowers and these really are a sight to behold and flower walks are organized annually. 

If you prefer to walk along the shore, the perfect place to start is Karpas from where you can walk along the islands peninsula.  There is also a reservoir walk in Alagadi beach which takes you over sand dunes and up on to cliffs.

There are also the old crusader paths around Ozankoy and Bellapais which are a great way to spend a couple of hours and taking in views of the sea, coast, and mountains.




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