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The procedure for crossing the border from South Cyprus to North Cyprus

In 2003 the borders between North and South Cyprus were opened and since then people can now cross between the two on a daily basis.  With the borders open, tourists can now cross the border and experience the island of Cyprus as a whole. 

If you intend to cross the border, there are a few things you should know.  At the North Cyprus border you will need to get a form stamped allowing you to cross the border.  You will also need to bring your passport with you as this will be checked when you cross the border.  It is worth noting, that you cannot take goods worth over 80 EURO across either border.

If you rent a car in North Cyprus, you will not be permitted to cross the border.The Greek Government does not allow!  Only those who own cars can cross over to South Cyprus.  If you wish to cross the border there are rental agencies located at the crossing points so that you can rent a car once you cross over.  You will however, need to purchase more insurance once you cross over into South Cyprus as the insurance you purchased in the North will not be valid.  If you cross the border from South Cyprus to North Cyprus you can bring a rental car.  You will still have to purchase additional insurance though. 

There are at present 5 active check points and these check points have a number of different names.  This is due to the fact that the check points take into consideration the English, Greek, and Turkish names of the region.  Some of the check points are just for pedestrians, and cyclists, whilst others will allow vehicles and goods so it is wise to check which check point you need beforehand.  The most popular border crossing in North Cyprus is situated in Nicosia and is known as Ledra Palace. 


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